Coin Flipper

Toss A Coin - Heads and Tails

Nowadays almost no one uses physical money anymore. Most people do not have coins with them to play heads and tails. This tool is the solution. With this tool you can flip a coin online, as many times as you like. Simply press the coin to simulate a coin flip. When you press the coin, it flips and selects a random outcome, either heads or tails, yes or no.

Coin Flip Timeline

The tool adds all results to the 'Coin Flip Timeline', which you can use to track all previous outcomes. Each result also shows a timestamp, so you can track results more easily. You can remove flip results from the timeline by pressing the 'Remove' button.

On top of that, the 'Coin Flip Timeline' shows the total number of coin tosses, as well as the ratio between heads and tails, in percentages. This ratio updates each time you flip.

Coin Flip Timeline

When do I use this tool?

Flipping a coin is useful for making decisions not influenced by people, but rather by randomness. Due to the chances being 50/50, both parties have an equal opportunity of being picked. You can flip a coin in many fun (and serious) scenarios.

  • A fun bet with your friends
  • Who should do the dishes / Who should clean?
  • Deciding the starting player for board games
  • Sports, such as football or cricket

How does coin tossing work?

Coin tossing involves two parties. Take a coin with two different looking sides, for example a quarter. Decide which side of the coin you call Heads, and which side you call Tails. Generally, people call the side with a head on it 'Heads' (obviously, but not all coins contain a head) and the side with a number 'Tails'.

Once both parties agree, one party asks the other party "Heads or Tails?". When that party calls "Heads" the opposing party automatically calls "Tails", and vice-versa.

Now it's time for tossing. Throw the coin the air, either by throwing it directly into the air, or by laying it on your thumb and flipping it up in the air. Wait for the coin to come down, and let it either land on the floor, or catch it out of air, and immediately put it on your arm or hand, while holding your other hand over the coin. Once ready, lift your hand, and look at the result. When the result is 'Heads', the party that called 'Heads' wins. When the result is 'Tails', the party that called 'Tails', wins.

For more information, you can check out the Wikipedia page on coin flipping.

Heads or Tails, also known as Coin Tossing

Flipping Multiple Times

You can toss the coin multiple times, without having to flip it manually each time, by using the 'Toss multiple times' control. Simply enter the number of times you want to toss the coin, and press the 'Go' button. The coin then tosses the provided number of times automatically. You can stop the process of flipping multiple times by pressing the 'Stop' button. The control displays the progress by indicating how many times the coin was tossed, as well as the total number of times it will be tossed.

Toss multiple times, automatically

Is it truly random?

We are using JavaScript's Math.random() function for generating a result. This function, however, is not truly random. Instead, it is essentially simulated randomness. This means it's not truly random, however the different isn't noticable when using out coin flipper. For example, we simulated 1.000 coin flips, and as you can see in the image below, the end results were 50/50.