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Word & character counter
Free Word Counter & Character Counter. This tool shows you how many words and characters your text consists of! ✓ Free to use ✓ With and without spaces
What is my screen resolution?
This tool instantly shows your screen resolution! You don't have to do anything. Screen resolution is expressed in pixels.
MD5 Hash Generator
This generator converts your text/string to an MD5 Hash value. MD5 is a hashing algorithm resulting in 128-bit hashes.
Word & Name Combiner
Combine two or more names/words into a single one with this generator. This tools gives you a list of all possible combinations.
Random picker wheel
With this random picker wheel you can enter various words or names, spin the wheel and let it choose a random value. An easy name selector.
Random Word Generator
Use this generator to get a list of randomly picked words! This free tool uses a large list of English words and selects random entries from it, for you.
Random Number Selector
This tool will generate a random number based on your preferences. Simply fill in a minimum and maximum number and click on the button. Easy and quick!
Egg Boil Timer
This egg boil countdown timer helps you to perfectly cook your eggs! Select your preference: from soft to hard and we will notify you when they're ready.
What is my User Agent?
Find out your user agent string by using this lookup tool. It fetches your user-agent string and prints it on the screen!
Random Baby Names Generator
Here you can get a list of random cute baby names. It generates popular, but also unusual names for boys and girls! Use it as inspiration for choosing a name for your newborn.