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Find out the length of your text!


This tool can be used for reports. For example, in college, you have to write a report containing either a maximum or minimum amount of words. Our tip: go and write but check the count of your text every now and then to be sure how you are doing. Do not wait until the end of your writing only to find out your text is too long.

Websites & social media

Various websites and social media platforms apply a maximum text size. Think about Twitter: as of July 2018, a tweet can contain a maximum of 280 characters. Facebook's max post size is 63206 characters (not many people write such long posts). An Instagram bio, on the other hand, can only contain 150 characters. As you can see, there are various limits for different social media platforms. You can use our tool to check the length and compare to the limits.

How does it work?

Enough talking. How do you actually use it? We have made a simple step by step guide.

  1. Either paste or type your text in the textbox.
  2. The tool will calculate the count and show it under the textbox.
  3. If you want to start over, click on the 'Clear' button.

Word and Character Counter