What is my screen resolution?

Instantly view your screen resolution

What is screen resolution?

Your screen resolution is expressed in pixels. One pixel is just one tiny dot on your screen that has a color. If you put a bunch of pixels together, you can, for example, make a drawing. All screens, including the screen of your phone and computer, consists of thousands to millions of pixels. A blue rectangle on your screen is just a collection of blue pixels. On most modern screens you can't see the individual pixels/dots, but if you would zoom in, you would definitely see them.

Pixel image example

Your screen resolution tells about the number of pixels your current screen is using. The more pixels it uses, the more items can fit on it. Let's say you have a resolution of 1280x720. This means your screen has 1280 pixels horizontally and 720 vertically. It's like a raster. So in the case of 1280x720, your screen consists of 1280*720 = 921600 pixels.

Why does it matter?

There are various situations where people change their screen resolutions:

  1. Gaming - Most games give you the option to change it. By changing to a different ratio you can add extra pixels vertically or horizontally. You want your game to look sharp and clear, but for each monitor, a different resolution looks best. Therefore, most games give you the option to change it yourself.
  2. Your computer - On most operating systems, such as Windows, you can change it based on your own preferences. This is also useful for different monitors.
  3. Projectors - When you want to display your device on a projector, you can change it, so that it looks good for the projector (which usually uses a different ratio.

How does this work?

For this tool, we are using the programming language Javascript. Javascript runs in your browser and provides the option to get the resolution of the user. The properties used:

  • window.height
  • window.width

Screen Resolution