Random Number Selector

This picker generates a random number

About this tool

We've all used random numbers. Board games, for example, require you to use dice, which you throw to get a random number. But not everyone has dice at home and it's annoying to search your whole house for them. The solution: a random number selector. Fill in the lowest number and highest number you want and let the generator pick. It even works with negative numbers.

There are more use cases, such as:

  • Sports competitions. Who will go first?
  • Ideas. I have a bunch of ideas, but which one should I pick?
  • Food. What dish should I eat today? Assign a number to each dish and use this generator to decide.
  • Activities. I have multiple ideas for activities. Which one should I do?

Using the generator

It's super easy:

  1. Fill in lowest possible number in the left text field and highest possible number in the right one.
  2. Click on 'Generate' and the randomly picked number will pop up!

This tool produces pseudo-random numbers. It makes use of the Javascript Math.Random() function. Computers themselves can't produce truly random results. This, however, is not a problem. Pseudo-random numbers are sufficient. You won't notice it.

Random numbers