Random Baby Names Generator

Cute Baby Boy & Girl Names

It can be tough to choose a name for your baby. There are thousands of names that have been used over the centuries. So many, in fact, that it's impossible to review them all in order to draw inspiration from them. That's why we want to help you. With this tool you can generate a list of random baby names, for boys and girls. The names get picked from lists containing thousands and thousands of names, some unique, some popular & common.

You can use the list of names as inspiration for picking a name for your newborn. Some people rather go for a name that doesn't yet exists. Then you can the names as ideas for creating your own, truly unique, name.

Tips for choosing a name

You can of course use this tool, but there are more options:

  1. Take a look at names in your family. Mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, uncle, aunt, it's all possible.
  2. Use local names. Usually there are names that either used to be or are still used in a specific area.
  3. Google. Use Google to search for a list of names and draw inspiration from it.
  4. Organize a brainstorm session with your partner, friends or family. It's great to exchange ideas.

How to use it?

It's super easy to use. First, enter the number of names you want to generate. This can be anywhere in between 0 and 20. After you've entered the number of names, select what type of names you want. It generates both male and female names.

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